Choosing the Size of your Speaker

There are always two sides of a story and same goes for choosing the speaker to your event. Here I will talk about the advantages of each system and the comparison of the two. 

Compact Systems 

Compact systems or those speakers that are small have been very famous nowadays due to the engineering that went through the system which blew away the minds of people interested in music and the ones who are enthusiasts of speakers and the likes. This has led the world to think that there are no certain limits to technology and this is thanks to the brilliant minds behind it. Even if the best of manufacturers built this limitless idea, there are still certain areas where small speakers cannot compete with the larger counterparts of the same system. 

Large Systems 

Engineers that are knowledgeable with acoustics knows the benefits of systems of large speakers. Even if compact systems such as small speakers have caused a ruckus to the many and have made it more convenient especially when it comes to size and weight, the ability of a large speaker to push a lot of air has created a peculiar dynamic slam. This cannot be done through small speakers because compact systems do not have enough ability to move the same quantity of air and can even distort some sound in the process. Moreover, large systems create a more reliable frequency when it comes to bass. 

Comparison between Small and Large Systems 

Large speakers can offer a lot of advantages on the table and can add a spice to any room through towering itself in a room. However, the flexibility of size is the number one disadvantage of large speakers. People who have small rooms cannot have access to large speakers due to its size and the volume cannot be maximized because of the smaller area available.  

Small speakers on the other hand can offer more when it comes to ranges of sound in a room that is smaller in size. Sound quality of small speakers that are from known manufacturers have also have an edge compared to low quality large speakers.  

This technically means that the size of the speaker cannot be the sole determinant of sound quality.  

If you are looking for the right speaker for your event, you must first consider the size of the venue you have. However, the wisest choice when it comes to technical stuffs is consulting the experts on the area. I understand that you might want to save up on your event however, it will be more cost efficient for you to call for an audio-visual service. Consulting a professional also means that your event is sure to be a success. If you are looking for someone to help you with your event today, audio visual pro Jacksonville can offer you the help you need. You can connect with them through their website or call them directly. Get the help you need today to make sure that your event will be a success!