The Program

Check out PACT in Action’s Evaluation Brief from the first year and a half of our programming!

PACT in Action (Parkhill, Algonquin & California Teens in Action) is a teen dating violence prevention initiative of The Center for Women & Families and KentuckyOne Health. PACT in Action is a community-based, youth-led initiative focused on the PAC neighborhoods (the 40210 zip code). PACT in Action aims to mobilize teens in these neighborhoods to achieve a 10 percent reduction in the incidence of domestic violence by the year 2020. PACT in Action will achieve this goal by:

  • Equipping youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to support and lead efforts to reduce teen dating violence in the 40210 area
  • Increasing the engagement and accessibility of caring adults toward a reduction in teen dating violence
  • Enhancing youth and adult community members’ knowledge, skills and engagement to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors in the built environment which would support a reduction in teen dating violence

PACT in Action is implemented by a Youth Advisory Board comprised of teens throughout the 40210 zip code. The Youth Advisory Board, with the guidance of adult facilitators, will develop teen dating violence prevention programming as these youth see fit for their community. Members of the Youth Advisory Board will determine how they want to address dating violence and then design and implement programming, awareness campaigns and any other initiatives they decide would be beneficial to eliminating dating violence in their community.

PACT in Action puts prevention to work to eliminate teen dating violence before it happens. The activities of the PACT in Action project aim to address each level of the spectrum of prevention, which include:

1 – Strengthening individual knowledge and skills
2 – Promoting community education
3 – Educating providers
4 – Fostering coalitions and networks
5 – Changing organizational practices
6 – Influencing policy and legislation

For more information about best practices in prevention efforts, visit Prevention Institute.