How to Identify a Bed Bug 

All people on the planet fear the existence of bed bugs. Bed bugs are considered pests that disrupt the good sleep that all people want. After every tiring day at work or at school, it is important that you can have a peaceful and beautiful rest that you deserve in order for you to function properly the next day. Powering up for the next day consist of a complete and good sleep in order for you to gain enough energy in order to fully function the day after. The key to a good sleep is always a quiet environment and a safe and clean bedroom where you are going to rest.  


You cannot have a good sleep if you will be wakened up by bites from disgusting bed bugs. Bed bugs are named this way because they are mostly found on beds where people spend their time to rest at night. They are very disturbing because they ruin your bed and they will bite you or anyone sleeping on the bed. Their bite can cause you to have allergies, rashes, itchiness and other serious illnesses. Bed bug extermination cost is not really that high so you must find a company that can help you in exterminating this animal that has been disturbing your good night sleep.  

In order to exterminate these bed bugs, you must first know what you are fighting. You should make sure that you know the enemy that you want to get rid of. Here are some of the things that you should know about bed bugs in order for you to identify them: 

  • Bed bugs are scientifically named as Cimex Lectularius L. 
  • The normal size of an adult bed bug closely resembles that of a seed of a normal apple. 
  • If the bed bug has recently sucked blood or fed from a person, it will look elongated and it will look like a balloon because it has recently fed blood. The color of bed bugs who have fed recently has a touch of red and brown.  
  • If bed bugs have not fed from a person, the color of bed bugs is browner and they will look flatter as compared to when they have fed and they will be more round-looking. 
  • Bed bugs, when you take a look at them will be broken into three (3) parts in their bodies 
  • These pests also have very tiny hairs all around their body 
  • Bed bugs have wings but they are not flying pests that can fly from your bed to your window 
  • Bed bugs, when you look at them closely has an antenna that is composed of a couple of parts. 
  • They are also smelly when you try to smell them 
  • The young bed bugs are most commonly called as nymphs. 
  • Nymphs are very different in color as compared to adult bed bugs because they are very tiny in size 
  • Nymphs are also very different in terms of color since nymphs are translucent-yellowish when you look at them. 
  • Because of their size and color, nymphs can be almost impossible to identify. 

If you happen to see a pests that is lurking on your beds, you must immediately terminate the existence of these pests because it will ruin your sleep and rest in your own home. 

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