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A Few Words from the New Youth Coordinator


I’m on the left, snacking on chips while I learn to play the questions game. The champ is on the right.

Hey, PACT community! It feels weird to be on this side of the website I tracked for weeks, trying to learn (from the outside) what it meant to be involved in the life-affirming work of PACT Teens in Action.

But I’m here and ready to be about the work of #preventinit. Here are a few random facts about me by way of introduction:

Name: Asha

Hometown: Louisville

What I Just Read: “YouTube, Bad Bitches And A M.I.C.: Hip-Hop’s Seduction Of Girls And The Distortion Of Participatory Culture ” by Kyra Gaunt

What I Just Watched: Inside Out (amazing!), The Minion Movie (I slept through much of it), and marathon episodes of A Different World

The Music Video that made me a feminist:

So, I know I just aged myself with the last fact, but I think it’s important to know that I was a teenager in the ’90’s. The youth movement happening now is not my own, and I’m happy to support today’s youth in attaining their vision of a just world.

What I learned this past Wednesday at the Park Hill community center is that laughter is a big part of the vision. It is the thing that makes strangers friends, the joy that makes education more than a task. With laughter, the teens of PACT taught an old lady a few things on Wednesday:

The Questions Queen taught me that smiling is contagious and an effective icebreaker all by itself.

The Besties taught me the power of friendship between girls to counter all of the negative messages we receive about girlhood in society.

The Graduate taught me to chill out and go with the flow. Her calm was also contagious, and her cool is inspiring!

The Facilitator taught me that the key to confidence is to focus on other people– not to compare yourself to them, but to show genuine interest in the things they have to say. Genuine interest is the gravity that pulls people closer and encourages them to engage.

With that said, I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say– in what you think of the work, what you’d like to see from us on the website, what you’d like to hear from our teens. We look forward to hearing from you!