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The Impact of Music on Dating Violence


Since this election has come to a brutal end, we have been going through a whirlwind of emotions. Our teens have expressed their feelings toward our new president-elect, what his new position means for our work, and the progress that we are trying to make as a community to decrease violence and intolerance. To see some of our responses, head over to our facebook page PACT In Action. Donald Trump has provided a platform for perpetrators and misogynists to justify their behavior toward women. “If the most powerful man in our nation is okay with grabbing women by the p****, then I must not be wrong for the thoughts that I possess or the actions that I commit.” They may not say that verbatim, but we imagine their excuses sound similar to that.


This is dangerous. Our society already excuses violence and sexist behavior toward minorities and women suffer a great deal from that. From advertising and shows to the music industry, we are bombarded with propaganda that tries to influence us that rape culture is the norm.

This past Wednesday, our Youth Advisory Board held a discussion on today’s music and how it may affect the increase of violence in teen relationships. We listened to a popular song entitled “No Lie,” by 2Chainz featuring Drake. The song is extremely catchy and the youth admitted actually enjoying the beat and the song overall. However, when digging deeper into the lyrics, we noticed that what was being said could potentially be hazardous to those who are vulnerable enough to embody popular culture in it’s entirety.


Here are some of our responses:

“To be honest, I still like the song but highly disagree with the lyrics to the song. When Drake said ‘I just wanted to see what the p**** is like,’ I felt offended. Also, I did not like when 2Chainz said he will take your girl and kidnap her. I do not think this any of this is cute and it is very disrespectful to women. Young men may get confused and start to believe that this behavior makes you a thug or makes you cool.”

“Before I had heard the lyrics I did not even know the song that well. After I listened to it, I felt that it was providing listeners with a negative influence on how to treat girls and women. What jumped out to me the most was when he said that he had two girls, a mistress and a girlfriend. It goes to show he does not have any respect for females.”

Music, in general, has often found itself being demeaning and abusive toward women. With this being said, we seek to disrupt the cycle and make other more conscious of the media that they expose themselves to and how it affects their actions and ideals toward others. We cannot stop destructive music from being created, but we can collectively change the negative habits that our communities have adopted from music to combat the negativity imposed on us.