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What Will You Do Louisville?

PACT in Action wants to know:  #WhatWillYouDo to break the cycle of violence in our community?

In honor of the National Youth Violence Prevention Week, the Louisville Metro Government Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods issued a challenge to local youth to submit project ideas that may help reduce incidents of violence involving youth in Louisville. PACT’s Youth Advisory Board worked to come up with an idea that highlighted the work PACT has been doing to reduce teen dating violence in our community and call our community to join us in taking action.

We know that in order to prevent violence of all kinds, we need to do more than just educate others. We must also help others to feel empowered to do their part in preventing violence happening around them.

To find our voice, we studied the concepts behind a popular teaching strategy of “I do, we do and then you do.”.   “I do” is centered around individuals taking action and leading by example. “We do” allows those learning to partner with those teaching, to take that action. Lastly, “you do” is the end goal: those who have been influenced by these individual and collective actions, will now have the knowledge and tools to begin their own cycle of “I do, we do and you do.” .

Our video was born from this idea, with our goal being to break the cycle of violence by starting a cycle of helping others to feel empowered to prevent violence.

Here are the actions that PACT Youth Advisory Board members Nasra, Khadija, Sadia and Sarah are taking to prevent violence:

In our community…


  • Nasra will not become a silent bystander to violence happening around her.
  • Khadija will push through her fears and educate others about violence.
  • Sadia will be the voice for those who can’t stand up for themselves.
  • Sarah will speak up when she sees bullying.


  • PACT in Action will educate teens in our community about teen dating violence.
  • We will be the voices in our community to end the cycle of violence.

YOU: What will you do to break the cycle of violence?

Share how you’re #PreventinIt here in #Louisville and challenge your friends with #WhatWillYouDo?